We are business development and process consultant who deliver a sound strategy and guidelines for businesses ranging from startup, small- medium to a large multinationals companies operating within the IT, manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, hospitality, energy and mining sector.

Our services begin at the very early phase whenever your businesses consider to expand operation (market research, stakeholder identification and sales leads management), consider to create or revamp organization design and structure (business permits, licenses, office and individual functional setup including capacity building) and all the way when your business require more complex solution such as; advance project management (CAPEX- OPEX management, financial projection and cash flow management or review) and identifying technical solution scenario (outsourcing new equipment, compare machine performance to advance production capacity upgrade and review).

With our combined 75 years of experience in related sector, our team will be in the best position to help your business grow, stabilize and expand.

Combined effort of offline and online approach

We believe in nowadays competition landscape, making the right decision in a limited timeframe is an important feature for any businesses to have. Our online platform to connect project owners with a wide-array of supplier’s network is the best asset that we have to enable each of our clients to identify and interact with a trusted suppliers list. Whilst, as much as online strategy were crucial, doing the conventional one-on-one and face-to-face interaction still crucial as well to build trust and confidence for a great exchange of ideas and add-value. We will become the first business development and business process consulting firm that recognize and equipped our service to this extent.