Solutions for startups:

For early stage startups, making the right decision on what and when to spend is critical for its business continuity. This will involve a thorough analysis on what is the best decision when it comes to operation model and how to spend the early investment budget they have. For too many times, we saw many startups failed to recognize this fact and end up in the position needing extra cash to “burn” each time new round of investment were made. At the end of the day many failed to continue its operation due to the loss of trust and/or cash flow they once had. INTICON is ready to provide step-by-step business development and business strategy selection for early-stage startups by ensuring each business decision made based on the correct data and analysis that leads to solid business foundation to grow.

Solutions for SME:

Our partner’s experience and capabilities are suited to guide any size businesses to see what the whole landscape of each industry where SME operates. Our market knowledge and hands-on solutions will be able to allow small size business owners to focus on making the right decision based on strategy and scenario that we already customized suited to each owners' objectives.

CAPEX/OPEX management, technical solutions or just basic market research, is yours to decide on how you want us to assist.

By providing step-by-step analysis we are ready to maximize each SME potential to grow further in their sector by providing a holistic approach that impacts the whole organization to do better in each parameter.

Solutions for established and large-scale multinational companies:

What is the next thing for your organization? Is it IPO, merger and acquisition, expanding to new market or just another moment to decide what investment and expansion is crucial for the next phase, we are ready to offers our value by providing a regulation analysis of each industry, improving employees performance, or an in-depth new technology review and stakeholders management, we are ready to provide our best solutions that match with your needs.

We aimed so that your resources can focus to their specific roles while our services handle the extra effort that may cause bottleneck and hurdles in complex project completion or just a day-to-day product and services distribution management.

You are in full control of what you need from us

Every organization has its own way to ensure maximum profitability, including your organization. We are ready to partnering with you according to your comfort level and how much do you wanted to engage with our services. We work by hourly, monthly, quarterly and yearly rates that can be tailored to your requirements.

Your business objectives is our deliverables

We are here to help you transform your organization to the standard of international business practices management that allows you to have a clear perspective on what are your target and the rationale to achieve those targets with your current or future capacity. We will ensure that you will be having full knowledge of every business options and decisions based on the available data coming from the market and your organization.

By engaging with you this way we are able to deliver a measurable improvement in:

  • Operation cost
  • Operating efficiency
  • Asset contribution
  • Market reach
  • Procurement efficiency
  • Return On Investment

In short we are able to inform you on:

  • What is your options
  • What to do
  • How to do
  • Who do you need to see
  • And when to do it